Certifying Students on MakerRepo

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  1. Go to Staff Area and choose the space you are in.
  2. Make sure everyone you want to train is signed in to the right space in MakerRepo.
  3. Click on New Training Session.
    MakerRepo create new training session.jpg
  4. Select the training you are giving, the course (GNG1103/1503 or GNG2101/2501) and yourself as instructor. There is also a level option (not shown in the picture), choose beginner.
    MakerRepo Training select course and instructor.png
  5. Then select all the people you want to train and click Begin Training. You can click on the 'Select All' text and it will check all the people in the list.
    MakerRepo training select students.png
  6. You can modify this information on the next page if you made a mistake but once everything is right click on Certify to give the training to the people in the list.
    MakerRepo training certify button.png